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The First National Evangelical Summit within the Uniting Church took place at Vision Valley Conference Centre, Sydney, from 21st to 22nd August 1997.

This meeting was a month after the Uniting Church's 8th Assembly in Perth, at which the controversial report Uniting Sexuality and Faith was received. Although the proposals for blessing same-sex relationships and for ordination of practising homosexuals were not proceeded with at this time, some eight persons (including two prominent women ministers) "came out" and the "unfinished business" on sexuality is still on the church's agenda.
Initial attention was given to what it will mean for conservative evangelicals to become more actively involved in the agenda and decision-making of the church. Initial steps also regarding theological education of candidates for ministry and continuing education for ministers.

Paper Reclaiming the Bible for the Uniting Church by Peter Blackburn


The Second National Evangelical Summit was held at High Street Road Uniting Church, Mount Waverley, Victoria, from 20th to 21st February 1998.

This meeting received a number of short submissions regarding the direction of the Uniting Church.

Major papers:
Rev. Dr. Max Champion on A Crisis of Hope: Christian Vocation in a Neo-Pagan-Society
Peter Blackburn on Diversity in Unity: Confessing Christ in a Pluralist Church
Deane Meatheringham on Confessing the Unique Authority of Holy Scripture

The upshot of these papers and discussions (and the general tenor of the shorter papers) was a Declaration of Intent to form a Confessing movement within the UCA and work is beginning on a Confessing Statement. Please note the invitation at the bottom of the Declaration page to notify your response to it now as we proceed towards the Confessing Statement.

Follow-up work was done on the issues of theological education and continuing education.


The Third National Evangelical Summit was held at Newtown Mission, Sydney from 22nd to 24th September 2003. It resulted in the formation of the Reforming Alliance with the Uniting Church in Australia.
There have been three National Evangelical Summits within the Uniting Church in Australia.

These have brought together people who have shared common convictions and concerns.
Participants have come from parallel but separate movements within the UCA.

The third of these was held in 2003 and resulted in the formation of the Reforming Alliance within the UCA.