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Confirmation Training in the Uniting Church in Australia
Get into the Action! is a course for membership training within the Uniting Church in Australia. It has been revised to keep it consistent with the latest changes in the Regulations of the UCA.. The original Kit consisted of
1 copy Get into the Action! Leader's Manual. ISBN: 0 95897943 X
1 copy
It's a Great Life! ISBN: 0 95897944 8
8 sheets for class members with permission to photocopy
1 copy
Order of Service for Confirmation with permission to photocopy
However, this material is now being offered free over the Internet. The Leader's Manual will be found on the following web pages. The booklet It's a Great Life! is available as a PDF file ready for you to print, copy and staple. The leaflets are all available in PDF format for you to copy. (Note PDF - Portable Document File - format requires an Adobe Acrobat Reader, available FREE from Adobe).
This material is copyright. Permission is given for the printing and use of this material by congregations and individuals. It has been consciously prepared having in mind the needs of the Uniting Church in Australia. Others may wish to adapt the material for their own particular denomination. Notification that you are doing this would be appreciated.

By way of introduction... Please read this page before you begin.
Session 1 What's a Christian? Aims: To establish foundations for the course; to clarify for all members what the Christian Gospel is and their response to it.
Session 2 Let's Keep Growing! Aims: To enable members to understand principles of spiritual growth; to encourage and establish all members in active and positive spiritual growth.
Session 3 This I Believe #1 Aims: To consider the place of the Bible as the foundation of what we know about God; to see the importance of other statements of faith for the doctrine and life of the Church.
Session 4 This I Believe #2 Aims: To consider basic Christian beliefs using the Apostles' Creed as a framework; to highlight the relationship between what we believe about God and our trust in God.
Session 5 Following Christ in Daily Life Aims: To consider the implications of Christian faith for daily life; to consider Christian values in the light of the Ten Commandments.
Session 6 Water, Bread and Wine Aims: To help members understand the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion; to enable members to participate meaningfully in the sacraments.
Session 7 The Uniting Church in Australia Aims: To To help members gain a simple understanding of the history and organisation of the UCA; to enable members to be an effective part of the UCA.
Session 8 Confirmed Membership Aims: To help members understand the significance of confirmed membership in the UCA; to help members to make an informed decision about becoming confirmed members of the UCA.

© Peter J Blackburn, 1996, 1999