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Sacrifice and Peace (Remembrance Day, Bluehaven Lodge, Ingham, 11 November 2010
Merry Who-mas? (Christmas Message, Burdekin Newspapers, December 2004)
The Work goes on! (Link, December 2004)
More than Liquid Gold (Burdekin Shire Council devotions, 30 November 2004)
Fanaticism and Faith (Pastor’s Pen, Burdekin Newspapers, November 2004)
So Much or so Little (Burdekin Shire Council devotions, 25 October 2004)
Memory and Power (Link, August 2004)
Water and  Power! (Link, June 2004)
Lord, Save Us Ay! (Palm Sunday Rally, Ayr, 4 April 2004)
It Happened for Us (Easter Message, Burdekin Newspapers, April 2004)
Passion! (Link, April 2004)
Three Christmas Questions (Christmas message, Burdekin Newspapers, December 2003)
Getting Down to Business (Link, October 2003)
A Prayer for our Church Family (Devotions, Southern Zone, Presbytery of North Queensland, 26 July 2003)
"Fill 'er up, Mate!" (Link, April 2003)
Welcoming Jesus (Pastor's Pen, Burdekin Newspapers, 19-21 March 2003)
Building the Church in 2003 (Burdekin Link, February 2003)
Missing the Point of Christmas (Burdekin Link, December 2002)
Knowing what would bring you peace! (Burdekin Link, October 2002)
Remembrance, Peace and Hope (Combined Service, All Saints' Anglican Church, Ayr, 11 September 2002)
Having Faith to Cope (Pastor's Pen, Burdekin Newspapers, 21-23 August 2002)
Remembering why we are here (Burdekin Link, August 2002)
Blood and Fire? (Burdekin Link, June 2002)
Litigation, Responsibility and Repentance (Burdekin Shire Council Devotions, 8 May 2002)
Greater Love (Anzac Day, Home Hill, 25 April 2002)
The Whole Picture (Burdekin Shire Council Devotions, 24 April 2002)
Who am I really? (Burdekin Link, April 2002)
He is Risen Indeed! (NFFR Onward, March 2002)
Rain at Last! (Pastor's Pen, Burdekin Newspapers, 19-21 February 2002)
Living in the Light (Burdekin Link, February 2002)
Include Christ in Christmas (Christmas message, Burdekin newspapers, December 2001)
Great Joy for all the people (Burdekin Blue Care devotions, 11 December 2001)
Good News for all the people (Burdekin Blue Care devotions, 4 December 2001)
Religion - and Life! (Pastor's Pen, Burdekin newspapers, 5-7 December 2001)
Cheap Peace (NFFR Onward, December 2001)
That's God for You! (Burdekin Link, December 2001)
Shalom! Peace! (Burdekin Shire Council Devotions, 25 October 2001)
Peace on Earth? (Burdekin Link, October 2001)
It makes all the difference! (Burdekin Link, August 2001)
Community Together (Pastor's Pen, Burdekin newspapers, 18-19 July 2001)
Tapping In (Burdekin Shire Council devotions, 12 July 2001)
Can it really be... harvest time? (Burdekin Link, June 2001)
It really happened... for you! (Burdekin Link, April 2001)
Whose Kingdom and Church? (NFFR Onward, March 2001)
Don't Fumble the Baton! (Burdekin Link, February 2001)
Bethlehem (Burdekin Link, December 2000)
Water, Water... (Burdekin Link, October 2000)
Not Eclipsed... (Burdekin Link, August 2000)
Speaking of the Obvious... (Burdekin Link, June 2000)
On your Mark!... (Burdekin Link, April 2000)
Hypermillennialised? Me too... (Journey, February 2000)
A Great Door for Effective Work (Burdekin Link, February 2000)
The Choice of Your Life (Buderim Notes & News, December 1999)
Farewell, Adieu and 'Bye! (Fellowship at Breakfast, 4 December 1999)
The Battle is Over - the Victory is Won! (Funeral of Joyce, 17 November 1999)
To Be or Not to Be... (Buderim Notes & News, November 1999)
Cheap Grace? (Buderim Notes & News, October 1999)
All that Millennium Nonsense (Buderim Notes & News, September 1999)
Coming Up... (Buderim Notes & News, July 1999)
Fire... (Buderim Notes & News, May 1999)
I Saw a Cross... (Buderim Notes & News, April 1999)
Look for an Opening to Serve (Buderim Notes & News, March 1999)
The Great Divide (Buderim Notes & News, January 1999)
Living in the Present (The Back Page, December 1998)
God's Indelible Mark (Buderim Notes & News, December 1998)
O Beauty, so Ancient and so New! (Buderim Notes & News, November 1998)
A Vision for Buderim Uniting Church (Buderim Notes & News, October 1998)
G.S.T. stands for... (Buderim Notes & News, September 1998)
Loving God and our Neighbour (Buderim Notes & News, August 1998)
Moving Forward Together (Buderim Notes & News, June 1998)
Living Between the Times (January 1992)