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Courage! Trust him! “Strong the arm of God to save us”
Following "It would be rather hollow if all I did to follow..."
In the Light "my life is seen"
Never Alone "My life is meant to be a partnership with God"
No Turning Back "He set his face to Jerusalem"
Only One Thing "Done to overdone in the pressure-cooker of life"
Out of Egypt “the place of refuge and bondage”
Out There "Some try to live in a goldfish bowl"
Reign, King Jesus! "I'm a follower"
Sent Out! "He left behind the glory of heaven"
Surely not, Lord! "Follow, follow, follow Jesus - all the way I'll follow him!"
Time runs on ahead "In childhood days time seems to pass so slowly"
Valley of Baca "I do not choose the valley of Baca"
Via the Cross! "No other way to redeem human sinners"
Wells of Love "My human love is never enough"