In the Beginning
Nine Studies in Genesis chapters 1 to 11 by Peter J. Blackburn
for Home Bible Study Groups
Note: These studies are all "ready to go" in Portable Document Format (PDF).
Study 1: Brand New World - Genesis 1.1-2.3.
Study 2: In the Garden - Genesis 2.4-25.
Study 3: Paradise Lost - Genesis 3.
Study 4: My Brother's Keeper? - Genesis 4.
Study 5: The Line of Grace - Genesis 5.1-6.8.
Study 6: The Great Flood - Genesis 6.9-7.24.
Study 7: A New Beginning - Genesis 8.1-9.17.
Study 8: Lines of Descent - Genesis 9.18-10.32.
Study 9: Scattered! - Genesis 11.
A further resource, "Evolution and the Bible", may also be useful to the group. This was originally written in 1975 at the request of students in the State High School, Stanthorpe, Q.

In the Beginning © Peter J. Blackburn 2004. Permission is given for this study to be copied in its entirety for group use. Courtesy advice of the use of these studies would be appreciated. Any other proposed use must have the written permission of the author. Email Peter Blackburn.