Module 1 Christian Basics aims to help participants “to gain a mature understanding of the Christian Gospel, Christian beliefs and the Church’s mission in the world and to relate Christian beliefs to daily life.”
General Session Plan for Module 1. This will need to be adjusted according to the material. From the second session, plan to have one of the participants lead the opening devotions. Each session includes input on a religion/sect/movement and the story of a Christian leader. Sometimes these are related to the overall session theme. The purpose, however, is that they be taken in a manner which is not so “heavy” as the doctrinal teaching. Extra!!! gives input on important matters which are not directly covered in the sessions.
The Antioch Story (PDF 10k) is designed for use in the opening devotions of the first session.
Christian Basics 1 (PDF 224k): Knowing God - Revelation. He is There and He is not Silent. Prayer Cells. Understanding Islam. Polycarp of Smyrna c. 70-155.
Christian Basics 2 (PDF 128k): Knowing God - Redemption. Getting through to Us. Understanding Judaism. Francis of Assisi 1182-1226.
Christian Basics 3 (PDF 445k): Who is Jesus? Why did He Come? The God-Man. Understanding Jehovah’s Witnesses. Why the Incarnation? John Wesley.
Christian Basics 4 (PDF 301k): Holy Spirit and Holy Trinity. The Holy Spirit. Understanding Mormonism. Holy Trinity. Augustine of Hippo 354-430 AD.
Christian Basics 5 (PDF 242k): The Body and Mission of Christ. The Body of Christ. Understanding Hinduism. The Mission of Christ. John Calvin 1509-1564. Extra!!! A Sacrament! What’s that?
Christian Basics 6 (PDF 156k): Christian Values. Christian Values (the Ten Commandments in the light of the New Testament). Understanding Buddhism. William Carey 1761-1834.
Christian Basics 7 (PDF 143k): Christian Lifestyle. Christian Lifestyle (the Beatitudes). Understanding Severnth-Day Adventism. Martin Luther 1483-1546. Extra!!! Getting Rid of that Discrepancy.
Christian Basics 8 (PDF 195k): Towards the End Times. Towards the End Times. Understanding the New Age Movement. The Uniting Church in Australia. John Bunyan 1628-1688.
#1 Basics.
 Growing Disciples
Growing Disciples