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Palm Sunday/Good Friday/Easter Sermons
by Peter J Blackburn
Psalm 118.1-2,19-29
Lord, save us! Palm Sunday
Isaiah 52.13-53.12
Check-Mate! Good Friday
Matthew 21.1-11
Palm Sunday, a disciple's view
Matthew 21.1-11
What's that Shouting? Palm Sunday (Barabbas #1)
Matthew 21.1-17
Hosanna! Palm Sunday
Matthew 26
A Time of Testing... Maundy Thursday
Matthew 27.11-26
Barabbas or Jesus? Good Friday
Matthew 27.15-26
That's my Cross! Good Friday (Barabbas #2)
Matthew 28.1-10
Jesus is Alive! Easter Day
Matthew 28.1-10
He's Alive! Easter Day (Barabbas #3)
Matthew 28.1-15
Matthew 27.32-44
Come Down from the Cross! Good Friday (Caiaphas #1)
Matthew 28.1-15
The Body's Gone! Easter Day (Caiaphas #2)
Mark 15.1-15
Jesus is Tried Palm Sunday
Mark 16.1-8
Tell out the News! Easter Day
Luke 19.28-40
Coming to Jerusalem Palm Sunday
Luke 19.28-40
Luke 23.26-43
On that Cross! Good Friday
Luke 23.13-43
Luke 23.50-24.23
Luke 24.1-12
He is Risen! Easter Day
Luke 24.13-40
Luke 24.36-49
Luke 24.36-49
John 6.49-55,60-68
Nowhere Else to Go Palm Sunday
John 12.12-16
What a Welcome! Palm Sunday
John 18.1-19.16a
For Your Sake and Mine Maundy Thursday
John 19.16-30
At the Place of the Skull Good Friday (Simon Peter #1)
John 19.17-30
John 20.1-18
News from the Tomb! Easter Day (Simon Peter #2)
John 20.1-18
Astounding News! Easter Day
John 20.1-18
Glory! Easter Day
John 20.19-31
John 20.19-31
1 Corinthians 15.12-20