1. Responding to Grace. Paul wrote, "You are not your own; you were bought with a price." What is the response of our life to the grace of God given at such cost for us? (PDF)

2. Living under Grace. If we are living under grace, we will want to give our maximum for the one who has given his maximum for us! (PDF)

3. Debtor to Grace. Have we been overwhelmed by the grace of God? Are we "debtors to grace"? Do we respond to the Lord with overflowing joy and rich generosity? (PDF)

4. Giving under Grace. We think of stewardship as "the bit we put in the plate." But it begins with the overwhelming gift of God and our response to his grace. All that we have and are truly belongs to him. True stewardship becomes a total way of living and giving under grace. (PDF)
by Peter J Blackburn