As they are released, the content of these concise training leaflets will be made available here, as well as a PDF of the A5 sheet as given to the congregation.
Praying in a Small Group - The Pattern of Prayer (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication). Conversational Prayer. PDF [74kB]
Adoration and Praise We need to begin our time together with adoration - being still in the presence of God (Psalm 46.10), praising the majesty, power and love of the one to whom we come, acknowledging that we are coming as children to our heavenly Father. PDF [72kB]
Confession and Repentance Confession is when we open to God those parts of our lives which conflict with his will. Repentance is a change of heart leading to a change of life. Confession of sin and repentance should always go hand in hand. PDF [190kB]
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is when we consider with thankfulness God’s goodness to us in Jesus and his guidance and help throughout the week. Thanksgiving is vital in the Christian life. PDF [186kB]
Supplication - Intercession Supplication (here translated "petition") refers to our specific prayer requests. We are here looking at "intercession" - our specific prayers for other people. PDF [190kB]
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