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Peter Blackburn's Papers
Caught in the Messy Middle Reflection on Resolution 84 of Tenth UCA Assembly in Melbourne and later amended by Assembly Standing Committee. Paper presented to a National Evangelical Summit, Sydney, 22-24 September 2003

The Inclusive-Exclusive Grace of God Presented to a Weekend Conference of Evangelical Members of the Uniting Church (Qld), Rosalie Waters, Queensland, 29-30 May 1999

Diversity in Unity: Confessing Christ in a Pluralist Church Presented at the Second National Evangelical Summit, High Street Road Uniting Church, Mount Waverley, Victoria, 20-21 February 1998

Reclaiming the Bible for the Uniting Church Presented at the National Evangelical Summit, Vision Valley, New South Wales, 21 August 1997

The Authority of Scripture and the Evangelistic Task Presented as an elective in the "Evangelism for Tomorrow" Seminar organised by UCA National Mission and Evangelism at Nedlands Uniting Church, Perth, 2-3 July 1997, prior to the Eighth National Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia in Perth, 5-12 July 1997.

Response to Interim Report on Sexuality November 1996. This is a lengthy document and was accompanied by a letter presenting a concise Summary of conclusions.

Word and Spirit - Authority in the Uniting Church in Australia Presented at the biennial Council of the National Fellowship for Revival, Belgrave Heights, Victoria, 14-17 August 1995. Later published in March 1996 by NFFR as the second issue of The Cutting Edge.

A Covenant between Two Persons of the Same Sex Submitted in February 1992 in response to a request from the Assembly General Secretary of the Uniting Church in Australia to reflect on "the theological, biblical and pastoral aspects involved in the Church recognising a relationship between two persons of the same sex making a commitment to each other in love and fidelity."

Ministry Together Understanding the Pentcostal/Charismatic Movement and establishing a clear biblical basis for working together. This account and the accompanying affirmations were received as a pastoral statement by the Maroochy Parish Elders' Council at Buderim, Q. on 8 October 1991. (Available as a folder in PDF format [423k]).

Kingdom and State Article published in full in the Brisbane Courier-Mail on June 15, 1978, titled "Let's hear it from... The OTHER Concerned Christians"

Who's the Minister? Article published in The Aldersgate Journal October 1969

Whom God has Joined: New Testament Teaching on Marriage and Divorce
An Essay presented as part of the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Divinity with Honours in New Testament within the University of Queensland, 1965