Alpha & Omega
Victorious Lamb
The Victory of the Lamb
Seven Studies in the Book of Revelation by Peter J. Blackburn
for Bible Study Groups
These studies are available in Portable Document Format (PDF) for immediate use as A5 folders (A4 folded). Be sure you have the latest Acrobat Reader FREE from Adobe.
Study 1: Introduction - Revelation 1 [PDF 63k]
Study 2: Letters to the Churches - Revelation 2-3 [PDF 62k]
Study 3: Seven Seals and Seven Trumpets - Revelation 4-11 [PDF 52k]
Study 4: Seven Signs and Seven Plagues - Revelation 12-16 [PDF 47k]
Study 5: The Lamb's Triumph - Revelation 17-20 [PDF 58k]
Study 6: All Things New - Revelation 21-22.5 [PDF 54k]
Study 7: Come, Lord Jesus! - Revelation 22.6-21 [PDF 413k]
The Victory of the Lamb © Peter J. Blackburn 1996. Permission is given for this study to be copied in its entirety for group use. Courtesy advice of the use of these studies would be appreciated. Any other proposed use must have the written permission of the author. Email Peter Blackburn.
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