Three Studies on Christian Discipleship
written for a church family camp
by Peter J Blackburn
Note: These studies are published here as a complete folded document – the form they were used in the camp. For use in a weekly study group, it may be preferable to cut and paste them as three separate studies. In this case the copyright notice on the last page should be attached to each study.
Follow the Leader (PDF 1.32 mB)
Study 1 – Follow Me! Readings: Matthew 4.18-22; Luke 9.23-27; John 21.15-25. What does it mean to us to follow Jesus? There are places in the world where Christians face beatings, torture, imprisonment and even death for their faith. What priority do we give to “following Jesus”?
Study 2 – No Turning Back! Reading: Luke 9.57-62. For the present we have freedom to hold Christian beliefs and to express them in a Christian life-style. Where do we feel ourselves to be weakest – most vulnerable to the temptation to “turn back”?
Study 3 – Good Shepherd. Reading: John 10.1-18. Jesus is the Good Shepherd. He offers life to the full. He alone is worthy to be followed.

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