I am
Studies in
The "I am" Sayings of Jesus
by Peter J. Blackburn
Each study ends with the tough challenge to look for ideas in our culture to help "communicate this teaching about Jesus." A series of sermons being preached concurrently with the first use of these studies made an attempt (!) to do this. Reference is here included to these sermons.
These studies are available in Portable Document Format (PDF) for immediate use as A5 folders (A4 folded). Be sure you have the latest Acrobat Reader FREE from Adobe.

1. The Bread of Life - John 6.35-58 [PDF 145k]

2. The Light of the World - John 8.12-19; 9.4-5 [PDF 142k]

3. The Good Shepherd - John 10.1-18 [PDF 142k]

4. The Resurrection and the Life - John 11.17-27 [PDF 145k]
Sermon: Man Alive!

5. The Way, the Truth and the Life - John 14.1-14 [PDF 146k]

6. The True Vine - John 15.1-17 [PDF 145k]

7. The "I Am" - John 8.48-59 [PDF 155k]

Quotations from the New International Version, © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society.
Throughout these studies, reference is made to Leon Morris, The Gospel according to John (Eerdmans, 1971).
Ego Eimi: Studies in the "I am" Sayings of Jesus are © Peter J. Blackburn 1994. Permission is granted for them to be copied for individual or group use with this notice intact. For any other proposed use permission must be sought from the author.
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