Tropical Cyclone Yasi February 2011

Tropical cyclone Yasi, named in Fiji, was coming towards Australia. The enhanced images were scary enough, but where would it reach land?


It looked headed for Cairns, or Gordonvale, perhaps Innisfail... No, Mission Beach/Tully with major impact south at Cardwell.


From Forrest Beach we voluntarily evacuated to Naomi’s unit in Ingham on Tuesday night 1 Feb 11. Mandatory evacuations followed the next day as fears mounted about a possible storm surge.


Our house didn’t sustain any major damage. We had no phones, no water - and for 11 days, no power. How we depend on our modern facilities and technology! Damage to property was uneven around the district. However, huge trees, some of which have survived 100 years or more, came crashing down. Worst hit at Forrest Beach was Allamanda Avenue, worst in the district (but unsung) Abergowrie.


This gallery of photos is by no means complete. It doesn’t go to Cardwell or Tully. It is simply a record of some of what we saw in the Ingham district, a couple of hours to the south.