Our church is located at the centre of massive urban development. The Buderim Mountain State School has maintained around 1000 students - in spite of Mountain Creek School, now in its fifth year, and Chancellor School in its second.
Growth is occurring all around us. What is our response to be? What is God's call to us? What is our vision for the Buderim Uniting Church?
I envision a church warm and welcoming - not only reaching out to those who choose to come, but seeking out those who don't.
I envision a church for all people, young and old, where all can understand the gospel, respond to it and grow in grace.
I envision a church consciously seeking to be open to the Word of God and the Spirit of God - both evangelical and charismatic in the truest sense of both those words.
Above all, I envision a church where God is honoured in worship, witness and service.
Is that your vision too? Perhaps there are other priorities you would like to add.
It can be scary writing down our visions. It is all so big, so far beyond us. But the vision is important because it represents a willingness to listen to the Spirit of God, to trust God and to move into action.
Alone we cannot do it, but together - with God and with one another - it can and will be done!
Are you prepared to trust God and to work alongside others as we seek to translate vision into reality? God is depending on you - and so am I!

© Peter J. Blackburn, Buderim Notes & News, October 1998