Christmas time is upon us - an important time for the commercial world. Back in October the decorations and advertising were up, the Christmas carols were being played.
It is an important time for families. Family reunions and giving are so much part of the season. And the Christmas card is a means of keeping in contact with friends.
It is an important time for the human race. Jesus came for everyone. His coming is so significant that, for most countries, the years are dated from his birth. His coming is God's indelible mark on our human history.
The poets wrote
of "sands of time"
men come and go
known and knowing
then known no more
but as a memory
with but some lingering
in tradition and history.

Yet once was born
a Babe
whose life
has left a mark
no desert sand-storms
can erase.

As one bound
not by time and place
yet came he bound
to Bethlehem.
As one in whom
was life and love
he lived and died
amid life's hate.

Yet here no lingering
memory from the past
to move the now.
He is alive!
His coming was
God's indelible mark
in Time.
He is Time's Lord.
He comes to meet us

© Peter J. Blackburn, Buderim Notes & News, December 1998