Notes from Long Service Leave 7th January 1984:
While driving along the Alpine Way, we had climbed from the Murray River basin to the Great Divide and across into the Snowy River basin.
The climb was steep. With full load, much of the distance required second gear and some first.
Climbing Kosciusko by foot, we were conscious of a grand and definite range. Every trickle, every little mountain stream was heading towards the Snowy which began under that name below Charlotte Pass. But from the top of Kosciusko we could see a stream heading for a gorge which we believe to be the Geehi River on its way to the Murray.
So spectacularly different!
But now we have driven north from Jindabyne to Cooma. Just before Cooma airport we crossed the Great Divide again - it has doubled back along the Monaro Range. Only by studying the map could we pick which of a series of undulations it was. Yes, with a full load we did change to third! And there to the left was the Murrumbidgee - heading towards the Murray!
Sometimes the Great Divide is a big range, sometimes it is an even smaller feature than we had just passed. The question is not how spectacular, but which way the water flows.
It's like that with life - does it flow God's way?
Three times in Acts we are told of Paul's spectacular conversion (chapters 9, 22 and 26). But I wonder what happened to Timothy. He had a believing grandmother and mother (2 Tim. 1.5). He came to believe too.
What is the flow of your life?

© Peter J. Blackburn, Buderim Notes & News, January 1999