I saw a cross -
a thing of beauty
setting off
the fine
architectural structure
of the end wall.
I saw a cross -
of polished silver,
on a fine chain
the lady's neck.
I thought of the Cross -
hard and rugged,
no thing of beauty,
but of torture
and of agony.
I thought of Christ -
who suffered there,
who died there
for me.
The beauty
of that hard and rugged Cross
comes not from craftsman's tool,
but from love poured out,
from God's most priceless gift. (PJB)
Have you ever noticed how God takes our ugliest works and turns them to a thing of beauty? A road cuts through the rock, scarring the landscape for the progress of our moving society. But soon a fringe of green softens the harsh edges of the cutting.
In our primary school classes we have been thinking together about the story of Joseph. What a story! The key verse for these lessons is - "God is always at work for the good of everyone who loves him" (Romans 8.28, CEV). Slavery and unjust imprisonment preceded his rise to be ruler of Egypt.
If God can take the unjust and cruel death of his Son and make it the vehicle of his "love poured out, his most priceless gift," he can most surely work for good whatever may happen in your life and mine!
Christ is risen! He offers himself to us! Have you received his grace and salvation? Have you received him himself? He is that most priceless gift!

© Peter J. Blackburn,  Buderim Notes & News, April 1999