We looked at "Babe 2: Pig in a City" the other day. Personally, we thought the story-line not nearly as good as the original. It isn't the first time that has happened. A movie is a success, so a follow-up is made. But does the sequel really "make it"?
Cinemas are always looking for ways to get you there next time. They advertise, not only "What's on" right now, but what is "Coming up". We have six important months ahead. That has been my strong conviction ever since the congregational meeting at which you decided to seek a new minister from the year 2000.
The Lord of the church said to the church at Philadelphia, "I have opened a door in front of you, which no one can close" (Rev. 3.8). I believe that the Lord has set before us all a door of opportunity. Part of that has to do with ministry into 2000 and beyond - the processes of placement and call for the Blackburns and for the Buderim Church. We must make these matters of prayer for one another - prayer that in the whole "process" we will discern the "open doors" that the Lord is placing before us.
A few weeks ago we were considering together the experience of Paul, Silas and Timothy as they were moving forward on Paul's second missionary journey. It seemed that their way was being blocked. But God was guiding them through to his open door in Europe (Acts 16.6-10). May we all discover God's open door.
But there is a door of opportunity available to us during the final six months of this present year. What is our ministry and mission to be right now?
We continue to face the challenges of a rapidly growing area. The time has come to move intentionally into new areas such as Chancellor Park. We continue to consider the important work among youth and how this is to be done right now. We have before us the challenge of a building programme, which will require commitment from each one of us. Let's go forward together with the Lord.

© Peter J. Blackburn, Buderim Notes & News, July 1999