The world has been shocked by the seizure of a school in Beslan in North Ossetia in the South of Russia. It is one thing for the Chechen freedom fighters to seek to make their state an independent Islamic nation, but to use children and civilians as hostages and targets is beyond our comprehension.
What we believe motivates and triggers our actions. It has been said that “mankind is incurably religious”. Even those who claim no religious belief still have basic beliefs that shape their lives. We pride ourselves in being tolerant and inclusive. The reality is that false beliefs lead to prejudice and fanaticism.
The fabric of our society is affected by our beliefs – and by our unbelief. In a way, widespread unbelief is likely to provoke more fanaticism as some folk seek the security of an imposed belief-structure.
By contrast, faith is a choice to depend on the God who is there and who has revealed himself in Jesus Christ. Jesus laid down his life for us – and he’s alive! Trust him! Please consider!