Resolutions of Queensland Synod 1991, reaffirmed 1996
That Synod
a) Affirms human sexuality is a gift from God.
b) Teaches in appropriate ways a positive and joyous celebration of our sexuality in Christian marriage.
c) Proclaims the forgiving nature of God.
d) Recognises the need for responsible sexual behaviour in the light of human weakness and sin.
e) Points out that sexual activity outside of loving, equal, committed married relationships is having a damaging effect on many individuals, families and society.
f) Deplores all sexual abuse and sexual violence which occurs within families and marriage, as well as in other circumstances, and calls on the church to listen to, care for and stand with the victims and all parties involved.
g) Holds that responsible sexual behaviour is expressed by celibacy in singleness and loving faithfulness between a man and a woman in marriage.
h) Affirms the need for showing compassion to homosexual men and women, especially during times of injustice and ill-health.
i) Holds that a practising homosexual lifestyle is incompatible with Christian principles.
j) Rejects judgmental attitudes but affirms high moral standards in sexual ethics and witnesses to the renewing grace of God in this as in all areas of human behaviour.