Holy Land 2001 Sea of Galilee Photos

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Biblical Background: The Sea of Galilee is a fresh-water lake fed by the Jordan River. It is 21km long, 13 km wide and 212 metres below sea level. There are over 20 species of fish in the lake. The lake has been known by a variety of names. In Numbers 34.11, Joshua 12.3;13.27 it is the Sea of Kinnereth (Heb. kinnor = "harp") - and to today's Israelis it is still "the Kinneret". The name Sea of Galilee comes from the New Testament (we note in John 6.1 an alternate name "Sea of Tiberias"). Jesus called his first disciples, Peter, Andrew, James and John from their fishing business here (Matthew 4,18-22). By the shores of this sea Jesus taught and fed the multitudes (14.13-21; 15.29-39), Jesus walked on the water (14.22ff) and calmed the storm (Mark 4.35-41). He met the disciples here after the crucifixion and resurrection (John 21).
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The boat that took us out on the Sea of Galilee.

The birds following the boat on the Sea of Galilee.
Crew member, Daniel, casts a net on the left side of the boat. Crew member, Daniel, casts a net on the right side of the boat.
Tour group on the boat on the Sea of Galilee

Photographs © Peter J Blackburn, 2001