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Biblical References: Megiddo is probably best known to us as Armageddon (from the Hebrew Har Megiddo) site of the last great battle in Revelation 16.16. Megiddo is listed in Joshua 17.11 in the allocation of settlements to Manasseh with the statment that Manasseh did not drive out the Canaanites but subjected them to forced labour (cf Judges 1.27-28). Megiddo is listed in one of Solomon's administrative districts (1 Kings 4.12). He selected it as one of his main fortified cities outside Jerusalem, in which he had accommodation for chariots and horses (9.15-19). Ahaziah of Judah died at Megiddo (2 Kings 9.27). So did Josiah (23.29-30).
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Model of Megiddo, designed to allow the visitor to see the various levels of occupation at this site. Canaanite gatehouse at Megiddo.
Canaanite gatehouse at Megiddo Gatehouse from the time of Solomon.
Excavations at Megiddo. Grain storage pit at Megiddo.
Tunnel to the water supply at Megiddo.

Photographs © Peter J Blackburn, 2001
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