Holy Land 2001 Old Jaffa (Joppa) Photos

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Biblical References: Joppa was the port through which cedar logs were brought from Lebanon for building (2 Chron. 2.16) and rebuilding (Ezra 3.7) the Temple; where Jonah caught a ship to Tarshish to escape the Lord's call (Jonah 1.3); where Dorcas lived, died and was raised to life (Acts 9.36ff); where Peter stayed at the house of Simon the tanner - until called by the Roman centurion Cornelius to Caesarea (Acts 9.43-1-.23).
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Saggitarius Street in Old Jaffa House of Simon the Tanner. This house is not as old as apostolic times, but is quite possibly on the site of the original.

The harbour at Old Jaffa. Andromeda's Rocks make it a narrow entrance.

Boats in the harbour at Old Jaffa.

A narrow alley in Old Jaffa.

Another narrow alley in Old Jaffa.

Excavation under the plaza at Old Jaffa. Walls of a Jewish dwelling abandoned in 67AD at the time of the great Jewish rebellion against the Romans.

Interior of St Peter's Church, Old Jaffa, adjoining Fransciscan Monastery.

Bell tower of St Peter's Church, Old Jaffa.

View across to Tel Aviv from Old Jaffa.

Photographs © Peter J Blackburn, 2001
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