Holy Land 2001 Mount Carmel Photos

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Biblical References: "Carmel" in Hebrew means "garden" or "fruitful land". Mount Carmel is, in fact, a range between the coastal plain and the Valley of Jezreel or Esdraelon. Carmel receives a mention in Amos 1.2; 9.3; Nahum 1.4. Most notably, however, Mount Carmel is the place where Elijah gathered the people, together with the prophets of Baal and Asherah, and won a notable victory against them.
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View from Carmel across the Valley of Jezreel, Nazareth and Mt Tabor just visible on left horizon, the tell of Megiddo just past the treeline to the right. View along the Carmel Range
View from Mount Carmel towards the sea. View from Mount Carmel towards Nazareth and Mt Tabor.
Statue of Elijah triumphant over the prophets of Baal, outside Carmellite monastery, Mount Carmel. Red anemones in profusion on Mount Carmel.
Anemones and cyclamen growing wild on Mount Carmel. Unmarked rock tomb with round stone to cover the entrance on road down from Mount Carmel.

Photographs © Peter J Blackburn, 2001
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