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Background: In 1928 members of kibbutzim Bet Alfa and Hefzi-Bah discovered the ruins of a synagogue dating from the sixth century AD. While known as the Bet-Alfa Synagogue National Park, it is located in Kibbutz Hefzi-Bah at the foot of Mount Gilboa. Excavations were undertaken in 1929. Further buildings were found in an exploratory dig in 1962. Gilboa is a range of mountains in the territory of Issachar. It was the scene of Saul's last clash with the Philistines (1 Samuel 28.4; 31.1ff), and so receives mention in David's lament for Saul and Jonathan (2 Samuel 1.21
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Mosaic floor, synagogue, Bet Alfa.

Mount Gilboa behind Kibbutz Hefzi-Bah.
Cool clear pool at Sachne (Gan HaShlosha) Roadside view of an Israeli irrigation system.
Another view of the Israeli irrigation system (taken on our way back from the Dead Sea!).

Photographs © Peter J Blackburn, 2001
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