Sermons on healing by Peter J Blackburn

These sermons were first given at Ingham and Edmonton, September/October 2010

1 Healing

Readings: John 5.1-15; 2 Corinthians 12.1-10

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“The theme is important for two reasons: first, healing was a significant part of the ministry of Jesus and  the apostles (though never allowed greater importance than the preaching of the gospel), and, second, there is a lot of misconception and misinformation made worse by showmen who make millions from their TV programmes and healing crusades...”

2 Healing and Faith

Reading: Matthew 9.1-8,27-34

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“So what can we say about the ‘faith to be healed’? Already we have noted that this faith is a confident openness and trust in Jesus – whatever he might do. It involves a conviction about the person and authority of Jesus. It is also a readiness and openness to receive whatever miracle he wants to give...”

3 Healing and Forgiveness

Readings: John 9.1-7; James 5.13-20

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“God has never said hat our sin isn’t serious or that it doesn’t matter. Jesus died on the cross to carry the debt for each and every one of us. Your sin and mine are as serious as that. God forgives us on the basis that he has, in the person and redemptive work of his Son, taken all the punishment due to us. On that basis, he now calls us to be willing to forgive others.”

4 Healing and the Body of Christ

Readings: 1 Corinthians 11.17-34; 12.27-30

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In  spite of all its imperfections, the Church is the Body of Christ. It isn’t as if all of Christ is now to be found in the Church. That just isn’t so – certainly not at this point in our history. And yet, the “Body” is an important part of the fulfilment of his redemptive work. It is also the principal visible means by which he brings the gospel of his saving grace into today’s world.


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