The Impossible Commission

The Impossible Commission needs three men and three women, preferably grouped around two microphones. They know their Lord is alive, but he has now left them - with a commission! Peter is all excitement, Thomas all caution. How is it all to be done? The words of the song which appears at the end of the drama should be in the hands of the congregation (or on overhead transparency). The song should be taught prior to the commencement of worship. It follows directly the last six lines of the drama, and this is the cue to the congregation. A song leader is desirable to direct the singing. It is suggested that the song be sung twice.

Reader:Luke 24.44­53.
PETER:He's alive! He's alive! Praise the Lord! He's alive! Got it, Andrew? He died, and he's alive!
ANDREW:It's a message for the whole world, Peter! Repent and be forgiven! And what fantastic good news that is!
THOMAS:Better not shout it from the rooftops, Andrew! Keep your voice down!
ANDREW:Good old practical Thomas! Thanks, old chap! Restrain yourself, Peter!
PETER:Sorry, fellows! I thought now we were out of the temple and away from the crowds where no one could hear us...
MARY:I felt so sorry for that poor lame man at the gate of the temple. He just sits there and begs every day.
JOANNA: At the moment we haven't a thing to give him, Mary, and his eyes are so pleading ­ then so disappointed!
MARTHA:Remember Jesus, Joanna ­ he'd have given him more than money!
JOANNA:But, Martha, he didn't have money to give, did he?
MARY:Neither do we, Joanna!
MARTHA:And we don't have Jesus any more!
THOMAS:That seems tougher than being his witnesses ­ now that he's gone!
PHILIP:But is he gone? I mean ­ he said, "I am with you always, even to the end of the age."
THOMAS:But he has gone ­ so visibly and obviously. It's almost as if we were meant to see him disappear physically!
PHILIP:So we'd be able to trust in his presence in a new way ­ unseen!
THOMAS:But why leave us now?
PHILIP:Now that he's gone, he can be with us everywhere ­ as we scatter to Judaea, Samaria and the ends of the earth!
THOMAS:I see what you mean. If he hadn't gone, we'd all have stuck around in Jerusalem or wherever he happened to be. None of us would have gone anywhere to be his witnesses. We'd have hung around where he was!
PHILIP:I know I would have anyway!
THOMAS:Now ­ to be your witnesses, to make disciples. I know you're here somewhere, Lord, but I'm still not sure I can do it!
PHILIP:Thomas, I'm sure I can't!
THOMAS:You mean, Philip, that you're not even going to try! Jesus did say he is going to be with us ­ you just reminded me a minute ago!
PHILIP:And he also said, "You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you..."
THOMAS:Then Jesus will be powerfully present with us!
PHILIP:And in us!
THOMAS:Peter, we know you're excited about it! But do be practical! It's only six weeks since they crucified Jesus ­ at the moment we want zero publicity!
PETER:Point taken. But there is a real message for all these folk!
ANDREW:Great stuff! You go, Peter!
PETER:What?!!! Me?!!! Now ­ Martha here was just saying that there is good news for these people, and Mary then said that if only Jesus had more time here, he would have gone to them! Isn't that marvellous?
THOMAS:But not very practical! Jesus has left that sort of thing to us now!
MARTHA:Perhaps bold Peter was suggesting that Mary and I go to these women?
JOANNA:Tough assignment, if you ask me!
THOMAS:In my opinion, the whole thing is a tough assignment.
ANDREW:Can it be done at all?
MARTHA:Jesus has done his part...
MARY:...and then handed it over to us!
JOANNA:Can we do it?
THOMAS:Not by ourselves, we can't!
PETER:But then he spoke about "power from on high".
ANDREW:He said, "The Holy Spirit will come upon you."
MARY:I've known his touch on my life!
JOANNA:We need a place of prayer.
ANDREW: Besides the temple?
JOANNA:That's right!
PETER: Why not the upper room?
THOMAS: Where we had that last meal with him?
PETER: Yes. It's central enough, but not too conspicuous. I agree with Joanna ­ we must pray! Who knows what he will do with us!
MARTHA He's alive! His work is done!
ANDREW: He's alive! The risen Son!
JOANNA:He's alive! Not just above!
MARY:He's alive! I know his love!
THOMAS: He's alive! and calls us on!
PETER:He's alive! It shall be done!

He's Alive!

From Between the Lines. Dialogues for Worship by Peter J. Blackburn published by Testimonium Fellowship 1992, © Peter J. Blackburn.
Permission is given for copying of this document for local use with this copyright notice intact. For any other proposed use the specific permission of Peter J. Blackburn must be sought.

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