It's the Lord!

It's the Lord depicts the confusion on the boat with the large catch of fish after a poor night's fishing. The disciples do not immediately recognise that the "stranger" is their risen Lord.

Reader:John 21.1-6.
THOMAS:What a catch, Peter!
PETER:It's not in the boat yet, Thomas!
THOMAS:How many do you reckon there would be?
PETER:Look, just grab this rope and help!
JOHN:Steady over there, you two! We have to use our heads or the boat will sink! James, can you show these two where to stand and how to pull in the haul?
JAMES:Right, John! I wish we had Andrew with us - another experienced hand would be a big help!
THOMAS:Will we make it? If we get this lot into the boat, we still have to make it to shore!
PETER:Fishermen don't give up easily! If we have to, we tow the net in to the shore!
JAMES:A quarter of an hour ago we were complaining about the miserable night's fishing!
THOMAS:Do you often get it like this? I mean - none at all, then a lot?
PETER:Almost never, because we know where to go!
JOHN:Except that time when Jesus was here...
PETER:How embarrassing! That's when I finally gave up the nets to follow him!
THOMAS:Is this the first time you've been fishing since then?
PETER:I suppose it is!
JAMES:And who is this stranger today?
Reader:John 21.7-14.

From Between the Lines. Dialogues for Worship by Peter J. Blackburn published by Testimonium Fellowship 1992, © Peter J. Blackburn.
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