The Ten Bridesmaids

Jesus' parable of the ten bridesmaids is set against a different social background from ours. The story seems to unlikely to us. The Ten Bridesmaids imagines that there may well have been a real situation like that and presents a discussion between the mothers of two of the foolish bridesmaids. This sidelines comment helps the congregation to be ready for the story Jesus told.

Narrator:It is the middle of the day, and Joanna and Rebecca meet by chance at the well.
JOANNA:Rebecca, so glad to see you!
REBECCA:I'm glad to see you too, Joanna! I've felt so lonely!
JOANNA:Yes. The middle of the day is not the favourite time for getting the water, but it's best for us just now!
REBECCA:Have you seen any of the other three mothers?
JOANNA:Not yet - I suppose they are lying low for the moment, too!
REBECCA:It's all been so embarrassing...
JOANNA:... so shaming for us!
REBECCA:All because our daughters weren't quite ready on time!
JOANNA:My daughter, Anna, went off like a princess - the first time she's ever been a bridesmaid!
REBECCA:Elizabeth, too! I helped her polish up the lamp, made sure she had enough oil!
JOANNA:But the bridegroom was late. That wasn't their fault at all!
REBECCA:First I knew was my Elizabeth running in all frantic - she needed money for more oil!
JOANNA:When Anna came in, I was shocked, thought the wedding feast should have been well under way by then!
REBECCA:Then Elizabeth came back again distraught - not allowed in!
JOANNA:Shut out!
REBECCA:It's not the first time it has happened.
JOANNA:The rules are so strict about bridesmaids being ready...
REBECCA:... but not about bridegrooms being on time!
JOANNA:Of course, apart from the bride herself, the bridegroom is the most important person. By comparison, the bridesmaids have only a minor role!
REBECCA:Small consolation for us!
JOANNA:So now the local gossips take it out on us!
REBECCA:Lie low for a bit longer! Hopefully it will blow over!
Narrator:It was all so like a story Jesus told.
Reader:Matthew 25.1-13.

From Between the Lines. Dialogues for Worship by Peter J. Blackburn published by Testimonium Fellowship 1992, © Peter J. Blackburn.
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