In Jericho

This dialogue provides an opportunity to bring in the Jesus-Joshua connection, lost to our readers, yet appropriate to the Jericho location. James and John need to use their eyes effectively to follow the action.

The main street of Jericho was noisier than usual - crowds had gathered to see the great Teacher, Jesus. He was on his way through to Jerusalem. James and John had been with him about three years now.
JAMES:Big crowd out today, John!
JOHN:Seems like a lot of interest in the Master going up to Jerusalem.
JAMES:Just remembering - Jesus, Joshua - the same name. Remember when Joshua came into old Jericho. The crowds were all up on the walls to watch. Then it happened - the walls started to crumble! That must have been quite a sight!
JOHN:Today's different, of course! But... I wonder if the Master will do anything spectacular here today.


Hey, there's a bit of a stir over there!

JAMES:Some little bloke wants to get through! Can't see!
JOHN:Huh! Looks like he's not too popular with the locals! Wonder who he is?
JAMES:He's gone now.
JOHN:You know, James, the Master is a pretty remarkable person. You've only got to look around the twelve of us to see he didn't check the popularity polls before choosing us!
JAMES:Look! He's stopping!
JOHN:There must be something up in that tree.
JOHN:It's the little guy. He looks all embarrassed.
JAMES:The crowd doesn't look very pleased. From that bag he's carrying, I reckon he must be the local tax collector.
JOHN:That would figure! I wonder what Jesus will do.
Yes, what did Jesus do? and what does Jesus do - when he comes into the life of someone like Zacchaeus - and me - and you?
Reading:Luke 19.1-10.

From Between the Lines. Dialogues for Worship by Peter J. Blackburn published by Testimonium Fellowship 1992, (c) Peter J. Blackburn.
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