Workers in the Vineyard

This dialogue draws on The Rich Young Man as important background to the parable of the workers in the vineyard. Jacob and Ezra are puzzling over Jesus' treatment of the young man in contrast to "some of the undesirables Jesus has picked up on the way" -people like Matthew and Mary Magdalene! Jacob's "I wonder how late a person can turn back to God and still be accepted anyway" is a question that keeps recurring in the Gospels - perhaps to be finally answered by Jesus to the thief on the cross. All of these questions fail to grasp the grace of God - so central to the teaching of Jesus, and so needful for all, good and bad alike.

Jacob and Ezra have joined the crowd that has met Jesus across the Jordan on the way to Jerusalem. Some amazing things have happened.
JACOB:I think Jesus was a bit tough on that rich young man.
EZRA:You mean young Benjamin? I knew his father well - an honest businessman with a real flair for making money.
JACOB:And - Benjamin, you call him? - he got the lot when the old man died?
EZRA:I have watched the young lad grow - really seeking to know the truth, to do the right thing, to know God!
JACOB:And the money - it all came to him?
EZRA:It did! It certainly did! Would have meant disaster for a lot of young people, but not Benjamin!
JACOB:I think I know what you're talking about. Some of us are sure we could do with a lot more, but for those who have it...
EZRA:... trouble! trouble! trouble!
JACOB:So I judged the boy right, and you agree that Jesus was a bit tough?
EZRA:Especially since he has always lived strictly by the commandments!
JACOB:Not everyone can say that, can they?
EZRA:I can imagine Benjamin as an old man, having always done the right thing, having given generously to support the widows and the orphans...
JACOB:A whole life of being good - how pleasing to God!
EZRA:Rather preferable, I would say, to some of the undesirables Jesus has picked up along the way!
JACOB:Some of them - like Matthew the tax collector and Mary the prostitute - seem to have made good. We should be happy about that!
EZRA:Don't get me wrong, Jacob! I am genuinely glad about their reform. But they've spent maybe thirty years or so doing the wrong thing. That's coming into the picture a bit late, don't you think?
JACOB:I wonder how late a person can turn back to God and still be accepted anyway.
EZRA:Don't worry, Jacob! Stick to the law, be generous, worship the Lord - I'm sure that will secure the best possible favours from God!
Reader:Matthew 20.1-16.

From Between the Lines. Dialogues for Worship by Peter J. Blackburn published by Testimonium Fellowship 1992, (c) Peter J. Blackburn.
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