The Rich Fool

The Rich Fool recreates the scene between the two brothers, Bazra and Azor, concerning the inheritance of their father's business. Bazra is then the "someone in the crowd" in Luke 12.13. Be sure to select two people who can interact with some animation! May be linked with following dialogue Don't Worry!
Azor and Bazra, unlike some brothers, had grown up as best friends. They had both learnt their father's trade and the family business was looking good. That is - until their father died.
BAZRA:You can't do it, Azor. Dad meant us to share equally in his property when he died!
AZOR:You can't prove that, Bazra! He said nothing, and certainly wrote nothing to that effect.
BAZRA:Didn't he just? He trained us up to be equal partners in his business!
AZOR:You may have thought that, but unless it was stated in writing or spoken in the presence of witnesses...
BAZRA:Just because you're the eldest...
AZOR:I do have responsibilities...
BAZRA:And I need security! I helped build the business up, remember?
AZOR:And I still want you as a partner in my business, Bazra!
BAZRA:Your business!
AZOR:Well, now that father has gone, it is my business!
BAZRA:Legally you may be right, but morally you're wrong!
AZOR:I have already been generous to you - beyond legal necessity!
BAZRA:It's fairness, not generosity, that I need - what is mine by right, not what your gracious benevolence may stoop to give!
AZOR:You won't budge me, Bazra! You might as well stop trying!
Reader:Luke 12.13-21.

From Between the Lines. Dialogues for Worship by Peter J. Blackburn published by Testimonium Fellowship 1992, (c) Peter J. Blackburn.
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