The Epileptic Boy

The Epileptic Boy imagines the scene with the nine disciples who didn't go up the mount of transfiguration. Scripture records the complaint of the distraught father who had brought his son to the disciples "but they could not heal him." What had those disciples thought and felt about it all?
Jesus was not there with them. He had taken Peter, James and John and gone up a high mountain. Philip and Andrew are discussing their failure to meet a need in the absence of their Master.
PHILIP:This boy has epilepsy, Andrew. We ought to be able to heal him.
ANDREW:He is a bad case, Philip. Look at him. See his scars... he's had fits like that before and fallen into the fire.
PHILIP:His father is really concerned. He's rescued him from drowning too, so he told Thomas.
ANDREW:You said it was epilepsy, Philip... It certainly has those symptoms. But did you notice what happened when I began to say, "Come out of him"?
PHILIP:He frothed at the mouth and twisted and convulsed all the more!
ANDREW:I think his epilepsy is caused by demon possession. That's why I tried saying, "Come out of him!"
PHILIP:But it didn't work! In fact, he became worse for a while!
ANDREW:But why? Whenever Jesus says that, the person is healed.
PHILIP:Not always just at the instant. Sometimes the person goes into a terrible convulsion and calls out, screaming.
ANDREW:But in a few minutes it's all over. The struggle is over. The person is at peace, healed.
PHILIP:Yes, it's eerie! Not just like the sleep an epileptic might fall into after a fit, but the peace of someone healed, talking, chatting, normal again.
ANDREW:It scares me. I wish Jesus would come back. If only He were here now!
PHILIP:Why couldn't we do it? You seemed to be using all the right words.
ANDREW:He seems to have a power that goes beyond just words!
PHILIP:There they are now - Jesus, and Peter, James and John.
Reader:Matthew 17.14-20.

From Between the Lines. Dialogues for Worship by Peter J. Blackburn published by Testimonium Fellowship 1992, (c) Peter J. Blackburn.
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