The Weeds

The Weeds follows on the previous drama and could be used the following Sunday. However, the parable of the Sower is well enough known, so that, with the help of the initial reference, such an arrangement is not essential. The possible benefit here in using it a week later is that it continues to build on the teaching concerning parables.
Jesus has just explained to his disciples his story about the man who sowed his seed in different kinds of soil. Philip and Thomas liked the story and now understand a little more about "the secrets of the Kingdom".
THOMAS:That makes it clear, Philip. I think I get it now.
PHILIP:A little clearer anyway, Thomas.
THOMAS:But one thing puzzles me still.
PHILIP:What's that?
THOMAS:The seed that fell along the path - it almost seems like the sower's fault! Careless, from what I have heard!
PHILIP:Same for the rocky ground too, I guess!
THOMAS:The seed among the thorn bushes didn't have a chance! So why sow it there?
PHILIP:And what credit to the good soil?
THOMAS:You see the problem then, Philip?
PHILIP:I certainly do, Thomas! But I have an idea that each of these stories is trying to get one point across.
THOMAS:You mean it can't answer all the questions at once?
PHILIP:Why should it? In this story, the seed - the word of the Kingdom - is all good and all of it has the potential to produce a hundred times.
THOMAS:Hey! That's quite a point! All could produce a hundred times! Ah - but it doesn't!
PHILIP:Just look at the faces of people as they listen - even there you see it all illustrated!
THOMAS:That's right! It's "in one ear and out the other" with some of them - that's for sure!
PHILIP:And some people are forever trying new rabbis. No one can ever depend on them - they are so superficial!
THOMAS:And the worries about life and the love of riches... very penetrating comments!
PHILIP:But I somehow feel it needn't be that way.
THOMAS:How do you mean?
PHILIP:I think it's meant to be possible for everyone to bear a hundred times.
THOMAS:But Jesus has just said it doesn't happen that way, hasn't he?
PHILIP:True - that's how people seem to respond! But does God really mean it to be that way? The individuals themselves are responsible.
THOMAS:And there's the enemy too - the evil one!
PHILIP:Hmm... I sometimes get the feeling there's a struggle going on. Jesus is sensitive to it. We hardly notice.
THOMAS:Better listen! Here's another story.
Reader:Matthew 13.24-30.
THOMAS:That's a bit different from the story of the sower, Philip!
PHILIP:The enemy figures a lot more this time!
THOMAS:And there's severe judgment to follow!
PHILIP:We had better ask Jesus what it all means.
Reader:Matthew 13.36-43.

From Between the Lines. Dialogues for Worship by Peter J. Blackburn published by Testimonium Fellowship 1992, (c) Peter J. Blackburn.
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