On the Sabbath Day

On the Sabbath Day presents the three Pharisees, Ezra, Nathan and Obed "comparing notes" about Jesus. So far from the centre of things, they have taken responsibility to keep a check on what goes on in Galilee, and at the moment that concern focuses particularly on Jesus. This then becomes the context for their comments as Jesus and his disciples walk through the grain fields on the Sabbath.
It was the Sabbath again and three Pharisees, Ezra, Nathan and Obed, were in deep conversation.
EZRA:I'm worried about Jesus, this new teacher from Nazareth.
NATHAN:So am I, Ezra. Did you hear what he said in Chorazin the other day?
OBED:Do you mean, Nathan, about how terrible it would be for them in the day of judgment?
EZRA:He spoke that same judgment, Obed, on Bethsaida and Capernaum, too!
NATHAN:Said that Tyre, Sidon and Sodom would have repented of their sins if they had seen the miracles of our day!
OBED:By the way, have you heard that the other strange character, John, is in prison?
EZRA:I guess you mean the baptiser, Obed. He was on about this "repent of your sins" too, wasn't he?
OBED:I didn't like him! He seemed to think everyone - not just Gentiles, but Jews too - not just the scum of our people, but even the best Pharisees - everyone needed to repent!
EZRA:Well, Obed, I think Jesus is cut out of something of the same mould!
NATHAN:Except he is different, Ezra! He seems to be teaching a lot more - and healing. There's something about his personality and presence!
OBED:Watch it, Nathan! You'll get caught if you're not careful.
EZRA:Fair enough.
OBED:For starters, I'm concerned about the way he hob-nobs with tax-collectors and sinners. We've got to watch him on this one!
EZRA:Agreed, Obed. But today is the Sabbath, and he has me jittery there too.
NATHAN:Hey! it looks as if he's going for a walk in the wheat-fields with his disciples!
EZRA:Nathan, we'd better check they don't go any further than a legal Sabbath day's journey!
OBED:And we'd better check, too, that his mixed-bag of followers don't start "harvesting" - you know, picking the odd head of wheat to chew!
NATHAN:I sometimes wonder who Jesus thinks he is.
EZRA:And I wonder myself just who he really is!
OBEDLet's get going...
So off they went to "shadow" Jesus and his disciples. We read in Matthew 12.1-14 what happened on that Sabbath day's walk.
Reader:Matthew 12.1-14.

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