The Man Born Blind

The Man Born Blind was written specifically to help in the presentation of John chapter 9. This is a rather long reading, yet we miss much of its thrust because we usually only take a segment of it. The congregation can manage the length of the reading much better when it is broken by dialogue. The neighbours of "the man born blind" in fact are providing reflection on the events of the passage before the reading moves on.
Reader:John 9.1-12.
JACOB:He is our neighbour, Miriam, no doubt about it.
MIRIAM:Blind since birth. I remember, Jacob, the great anguish of his mother as they realised their new baby was blind.
JACOB:Took them some time to accept. But they are fine people, and he has grown into a fine man.
MIRIAM:It's amazing what he is able to do for himself, yet - it has troubled him that all he can do to help support his old parents is sit and beg.
JACOB:But now he can see! I can hardly believe it! What a difference that's going to make.
MIRIAM:Healed by the man called Jesus.
Reader:John 9.13-17.
MIRIAM:I don't think they should have taken him to the Pharisees, Jacob.
JACOB:They're suspicious of Jesus, aren't they, Miriam?
MIRIAM:I'm so happy for him that he can see.
JACOB:But it's the Sabbath, so naturally they'll use this to pick on Jesus. They seem to be at it all the time.
MIRIAM:Tried to get him to agree Jesus was a sinner for healing him on the Sabbath.
JACOB:But he said Jesus is a prophet!
MIRIAM:He'd better be careful, or they'll get their teeth into him too!
Reader:John 9.18-23.
JACOB:We could have told the authorities everything his parents told them, Miriam.
MIRIAM:We could, Jacob.
JACOB:They were afraid to say anything else.
MIRIAM:If they knew anything else!
JACOB:I suppose the real tack was to try to get them to declare themselves.
MIRIAM:To give their opinion of Jesus?
JACOB:Yes. But they're tight-lipped.
MIRIAM:I know they are impressed with Jesus.
JACOB:But of course!
Reader:John 9.24-34.
JACOB:Did you hear that they have expelled him from the synagogue?
MIRIAM:Expelled him?
JACOB:Yes. He called himself a disciple of Jesus. Thought perhaps they might like to be his disciples too!
MIRIAM:That was either bold or ignorant!
JACOB:Apparently said Jesus must have come from God.
MIRIAM:They wouldn't like that!
JACOB:So they cast him out!
MIRIAM:Yet he hasn't actually seen Jesus. Has only heard him speak.
JACOB:Before he was healed?
MIRIAM:I wonder what he will think when he sees Jesus face to face.
JACOB:If he can find him!
Reader:John 9.34-41.

From Between the Lines. Dialogues for Worship by Peter J. Blackburn published by Testimonium Fellowship 1992, (c) Peter J. Blackburn.
Permission is given for copying of this document for local use with this copyright notice intact. For any other proposed use the specific permission of Peter J. Blackburn must be sought.

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