The Bread of Life

This dialogue follows on from That Lunch. It could in fact be used on the following Sunday, though originally we have not done so. How could people's interest be focussed, not on more food - or another miracle - but on Jesus and his teaching?
Jabez is a young lad of ten who lives with his mother in Capernaum. He went with Micah, a family friend, to hear Jesus on the other side of the lake. Jesus used the lunch his mother had packed - five barley loaves and two fish - to feed the great crowd. Micah took Jabez home, but with a promise to come back for him in the morning, "if it's OK with Mum", so he could hear Jesus again. They join the crowd looking for Jesus near Capernaum.
Reader:John 6.25-33.
MICAH:That lunch of yours has brought everyone back together again, Jabez!
JABEZ:It's not my lunch that has brought them, Micah - but Jesus!
MICAH:That's right! What I meant is that many of them want more food - or another miracle...
JABEZ:... instead of Jesus and what he says! I always love the story about the manna - why did they bring that in, Micah?
MICAH:That was another time when God fed the people.
JABEZ:And that's what's happened here!
MICAH:I would have thought that was miracle enough for them. Yet they seem to be looking for extra proof!
JABEZ:Mum was amazed when I told her about my lunch!
MICAH:Be careful with that lunch she packed for you this morning, Jabez!
JABEZ:But that's not what people need, Micah.
MICAH:You're right, Jabez! They need Jesus!
Reader:John 6.34-40.

From Between the Lines. Dialogues for Worship by Peter J. Blackburn published by Testimonium Fellowship 1992, (c) Peter J. Blackburn.
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