That Lunch

A Dialogue for Mothers' Day

There was excitement in Capernaum and young Jabez had been out to investigate. An inquisitive lad of ten, there was not much that happened without his knowing all about it. Now he was wasting no time as he hurried back home...
JABEZ:Hey, Mum. Guess what's going on now!
MOTHER:I'm not sure, but it must be to do with this Teacher, Jesus. He's been back in town again, I hear.
JABEZ:That's history, Mum! When he came back from Jerusalem, he didn't stay long - got in a friend's boat to cross Lake Galilee.
MOTHER:Then what's the stir in the city, Jabez?
JABEZ:The people want Jesus. They want to be near him, to watch him, to listen to him...
MOTHER:He's a very wonderful man, Jabez!
JABEZ:I want to be with him and hear him too, Mum.
MOTHER:I'm so glad. He's so welcoming to everyone - his words are so deep for the wisest teachers, yet so simple and clear for us all.
JABEZ:Does that mean I can go with them, Mum?
MOTHER:What do you mean, Jabez?
JABEZ:A whole lot of people are going to walk around the lake to where Jesus lands. Some have set off already. They don't think it will be far. I should be back by lunch.
MOTHER:I really want what's best for you, son, but you're only ten. Will there be one of the men for you to go with? I'd be happier if...
JABEZ:Micah said he'd look after me!
MOTHER:All right then. But wait till I pack some lunch for you.
JABEZ:But Mum!!! The others will go without me! Micah said we should be back by lunch time.
MOTHER:Micah is a fine man, but I know what happens when you are with Jesus! You hang onto his every word - and forget all about the time! Then, before you realise it, my growing son is hungry again! It mightn't seem far when you're going there, but it's a long, long way when you have to come back on an empty stomach!
JABEZ:O.K., Mum.
MOTHER:Bring your little basket here. I baked these nice fresh bread rolls this morning. You'd better take five of them. And I cooked these two extra fish. Pop them in too.
JABEZ:Yummy! I'll probably bring them home with me for lunch, but thanks anyway, Mum!
MOTHER:'Bye now, Jabez. You listen to Jesus and tell me every word he says.
JABEZ:'Bye, Mum.
Micah was waiting and Jabez set off with the crowd to find Jesus. At first he was very self-conscious about his little lunch basket, but he soon forgot as the talk turned to Jesus, the people he had healed, the things he said.
Jabez remembered his mother's words, "He's a very wonderful man, Jabez." "I know that," he thought to himself, "and I've got a beaut Mum!"
Reader:John 6.1-13.

From Between the Lines. Dialogues for Worship by Peter J. Blackburn published by Testimonium Fellowship 1992, (c) Peter J. Blackburn.
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