Following Jesus

Menam, Jezra and Perez are independently in Samaria on a common quest - to find the Teacher, Jesus. They must have been in earnest, for, as Jezra says, "Samaria is not a usual meeting-place for Jews!" In presentation, all three characters should exhibit a reluctance to reveal their real reason for being in Samaria. In the drama, Menam represents the man of Luke 9.57 of the scripture reading. Jezra is the man of v.59 - with an assumption that his father is really quite fit and well at this stage. Perez depicts the man of v.61. The meeting of these three then sets the scene for the scripture reading.
Menam, Jezra and Perez meet along a country road in Samaria.
MENAM:I say! Jezra and Perez! Fancy meeting you here!
JEZRA:A bit of a surprise to see you too, Menam! Samaria is not a usual meeting-place for Jews!
PEREZ:I agree, Jezra. We avoid the place like the plague - go on the other side of Jordan rather than through Samaria when going from Galilee to Jerusalem.
MENAM:So why are you here, Perez?
PEREZ:I can ask you that question too, Menam! or Jezra here!
JEZRA:I was - ah - sort of - ah - trying to catch up with this Jesus!
MENAM:You're not interested in him, are you, Jezra?
JEZRA:Well, he has made a big hit, wouldn't you agree?
PEREZ:Our Jewish leaders are understandably cautious, but I don't mind admitting that I've never heard anyone teaching as he does!
MENAM:Sounds as if I'm safe to say why I'm here - I've decided to follow Jesus!
JEZRA:You mean - really follow him?
PEREZ:... wherever he goes?
MENAM:That's right! I feel he's got the answers! I've always wanted a Rabbi to follow, but couldn't quite trust the others I've heard.
PEREZ:Jesus is like a breath of fresh air.
MENAM:Finding the truth gives a sense of safety and security for all of life.
JEZRA:I wish I could follow Jesus like that!
MENAM:Why not? You've come a long way in search of him!
JEZRA:It's my father! Family business always comes first!
MENAM:But he let you come this time...
JEZRA:... and expects me back in a couple of weeks. Perhaps when he's gone, I'll be free to make my own decisions - but that's years away!
PEREZ:Well, I haven't come ready for that sort of commitment, Menam, but it sounds good to me. As I said before, Jesus is like a breath of fresh air.
MENAM:So we'll go together to Jesus and say, "We want to follow you, sir!"
PEREZ:Not quite so quickly! I'm not the eldest son, so I'm not bound like Jezra is.
MENAM:Then why wait?
PEREZ:I'm quite firm in my decision to follow Jesus - I think - but it's only fair to talk it over with the folks at home and say goodbye!
MENAM:Here are Jesus and his disciples now.
Reader:Luke 9.57-62.

From Between the Lines. Dialogues for Worship by Peter J. Blackburn published by Testimonium Fellowship 1992, (c) Peter J. Blackburn.
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