This dialogue is about the healing of the Roman officer's servant told from the perspective of two other Jewish servants, Haldai and Azor, who are looking after him in their master's absence. There is no need to have someone acting Benjamin. The practical problem in many churches is the lack of a suitable elevated area where a person (skilled in miming) could act this part. He would need to be clearly visible (and preferably also spotlighted). In our first use of this drama, the simple approach was taken.
Capernaum. In the atrium of a Roman house, two of the servants of Gaius, one of the Roman officers, meet with grave concern.
HALDAI:I'm worried about Benjamin, Azor.
AZOR:So am I, Haldai. I think he's got worse since our master, Gaius, left.
HALDAI:Did he say where he was going?
AZOR:Something about going to find Jesus.
HALDAI:That's the teacher from Nazareth, isn't it?
AZOR:Yes. An amazing person, so I hear.
HALDAI:I would like Gaius to meet Jesus.
AZOR:Why do you say that?
HALDAI:I think we're fortunate to have him as our master, and not one of the other Roman officers.
AZOR:He is strict, of course. Expects instant obedience!
HALDAI:A person in his position has to be. Somehow with Gaius, I don't mind. There's something about his attitude.
AZOR:Don't get me wrong, Haldai. I like the man myself. And he surely has an interest - almost a sympathy - for our religion.
HALDAI:That's an understatement. He paid for that synagogue to be built, remember.
AZOR:Listen to Benjamin now. He's really in a bad way. His breathing's kind of funny.
HALDAI:Poor Benjamin! Gaius has really been kind to him. Sounds as if he'll be dead before Gaius gets back!
AZOR:Did Gaius say why he wanted to see Jesus? I mean, with Benjamin so sick...
HALDAI:It's said the Teacher heals the sick.
AZOR:I guess that's OK if it's something that isn't life-threatening. If Benjamin dies, Gaius ought to be here. Do you think Jesus will come to this house?
HALDAI:From what I've heard of Jesus, I think He will. He seems to accept everybody - Jew and Gentile. The local Pharisees aren't too happy about that, I hear.
AZOR:Listen to Benjamin now.
HALDAI:He's stirring!
AZOR:But he's too weak to move. Dying...
HALDAI:He's stretching!
AZOR:I don't understand it...
HALDAI:He's getting out of bed... Benjamin!
AZOR:I don't understand it at all!
What happened? Did Gaius get to see Jesus? Why hadn't Jesus come? How did Benjamin so mysteriously get better? We read about it in Luke 7.1-10.
Reader:Luke 7.1-10.

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