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This dialogue imagines a scene where Michael, visiting relatives in Capernaum, visits Jonathan, the paralysed man whose four friends lowered him through the roof so that Jesus could heal him. The drama assumes that Michael would see enough to convince him it has been a genuine healing, but also focuses on the pain of guilt from which Jesus released him.
The scene is the back blocks of Capernaum. Michael is a young man from Jerusalem. He has been visiting relatives. Today he has come to see Jonathan.
JONATHAN:Nice to meet you, Michael. I donít think weíve met before.
MICHAEL:Quite true, but I have seen you - just once - a few days ago.
JONATHAN:So you were there?
MICHAEL:At Ben Enochís house? Yes!
JONATHAN:And thatís what has brought you here today?
MICHAEL:It certainly is! I saw what happened, heard it all. I was right near Jesus. See this lump of mud? Because of the crowd, I couldnít dodge it - it landed on my shoulder!
JONATHAN:My four friends were enthusiastic - keen to get me to see Jesus!
MICHAEL:Jonathan, I came with questions...
JONATHAN:Because you didnít know me, you werenít sure I was genuine? You thought it might all be a "put up" job, right?
MICHAEL:Well, I did wonder! But now that Iím here, in your house - now I see your bed, your sticks - the evidence of your suffering!
JONATHAN:For many years now, Michael. And no cure! But thatís not all - a worse agony within!
MICHAEL:What do you mean?
JONATHAN:Jesus has released me from the guilt of sins long past. Paralysed, I could no longer do them. Yet my mind went over them again and again.
MICHAEL:The officials didnít like Jesus forgiving your sins - they gave one another black looks! I heard one of them mutter, "Itís blasphemy!"
JONATHAN:Did they say that? I donít think they know who Jesus is! Not that I do myself, just now!
So the conversation went on. What had happened to Jonathan those few days before? We need to go back to the record in Mark 2.1-12.
Reader:Mark 2.1-12.

From Between the Lines. Dialogues for Worship by Peter J. Blackburn published by Testimonium Fellowship 1992, (c) Peter J. Blackburn.
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