Fish! Fish!

Bible Reference: Luke 5.1-11 (PDF)
Fish! Fish! was originally prepared for a group of children in a Vacation Bible School at Hawthorne, Brisbane. They entered into it with great enthusiasm. Refrigerators and freezers have removed from our generation some of the problems with stale food. In this drama, two women, Ranah and Ornah, discuss the food situation and the sudden appearance of all the fresh fish. Then Nathan comes in - for him the great excitement of the day has been hearing Jesus teach. Finally, Zebedee arrives with the story of the incredible catch.
It was an ordinary sort of day in Capernaum. But there was a hint of excitement. Jesus, a carpenter from nearby Nazareth, had been in town...
EZZAI:Fish! Fish! Nice, fresh fish! Come this way to buy your fish!
RANAH:Old Ezzai's a bit excited today, don't you think, Ornah?
ORNAH:He certainly is, Ranah. I suppose it's because he's been so short of fish lately.
RANAH:He certainly has a lot now...
EZZAI:Plenty of fish! Come over here for nice, fresh fish!
RANAH:...and they are the freshest he's had for a while!
ORNAH:You can say that again! Wonder where they all came from.
RANAH:I was talking to Zebedee the other day. He and his boys have had a hard time lately.
EZZAI:Fish! Fish! Fresh fish over here! Plenty of fish!
ORNAH:Here's Nathan. Perhaps he knows about it.
RANAH:Hello, Nathan.
NATHAN:Hi, Ranah, Ornah. What an exciting day!
ORNAH:You mean here in the fish market?
NATHAN:O that!!! No! You weren't down by Lake Galilee to hear Jesus?
RANAH:The carpenter from Nazareth?
NATHAN:He's the one. Boy, can he teach!
ORNAH:So I heard.
EZZAI:Fish! Finest fresh fish!
NATHAN:He was teaching down by the lake. A whole crowd of us wanted to hear him...
RANAH:If I know you, Nathan, I bet you were right up at the front!
NATHAN:Not just me, Ranah!... I mean... well... um... a lot of people were shoving up to the front!
ORNAH:And what did Jesus do?
EZZAI:Plenty of fish! This way!
NATHAN:He got into Simon's boat. Simon pushed it off from the shore. It was just fine for us all.
RANAH:I guess Zebedee will tell me all about it.
NATHAN:He's an incredible teacher, this Jesus. You just listen to every word he says. It all makes so much sense! It was a pity to have to come away.
ORNAH:Wonder where he is now. I can see I should have been there.
NATHAN:Well, as we were going, I heard him ask Simon to push out further for a catch. Simon put up a protest, but went. That's all I heard.
RANAH:I don't blame him. Fishing has been so bad lately!
EZZAI:Fish! Fish! Plenty of nice fresh fish! Just caught today! Buy your fish over here!
NATHAN:Old Ezzai seems to have some!
ORNAH:Here's Zebedee now!
ZEBEDEE:Hello, Ranah, Ornah, Nathan. What a day!
RANAH:That's just what Nathan was saying.
EZZAI:Fish! Fish! Plenty of fresh fish!
ZEBEDEE:All these fish! Just two boats went out - Simon's and ours. This Jesus had told us to go. Hopeless, I thought! But I tell you, the water was right up to here. One more fish and we'd have sunk for sure!
ORNAH:I bet poor Simon felt trapped! A rough diamond. A bit embarrassing to be beaten at your own game!
ZEBEDEE:You're right. But now Simon and my two boys, James and John, are leaving the boats to follow Jesus. Andrew, too.
NATHAN:Left the boats?
ZEBEDEE:Jesus said, "Follow me. From now on, you will be catching men". And they left - just like that!
RANAH:Following Jesus... I wonder!
EZZAI:Fish! Fish! Plenty of nice fresh fish! Buy your fish over here! Fish! Fish!
What a day! The Teacher, Jesus! The big catch of fish! Four fishermen give up their boats to follow Jesus! The fishing was so bad a week ago that they nearly gave up then. But now the fishing is so good - and they leave to follow Jesus! Who is this Jesus?

From Between the Lines. Dialogues for Worship by Peter J. Blackburn published by Testimonium Fellowship 1992, (c) Peter J. Blackburn.
Permission is given for copying of this document for local use with this copyright notice intact. For any other proposed use the specific permission of Peter J. Blackburn must be sought.

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