The Wedding Feast

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This dialogue presents a conversation between Hesseth, father of the bride, and Reuben, the master of the wedding feast. What went wrong in the planning? We speculate that Jesus and the disciples could have been extra guests for the reasons that Hesseth gives and that their presence had, in part, contributed to the crisis. What did Reuben think they might be able to come up with? It is just possible that, as constant travellers, they may have had some supplies with them. But what the servants then brought to him was of a different order. Wherever had it come from?
Reader:John 2.1-8a.
REUBEN:Yes, I agree, Hesseth - it is worrying!
HESSETH:Not just worrying, Reuben! It's embarrassing and it's your fault too! You're the master of the feast!
REUBEN:True, but the amount of wine I ordered was just right for the numbers you gave me.
HESSETH:Well, I hear Mary of Nazareth, Joseph's widow, could come, so, of course, I invite her.
REUBEN:And her eldest son, Jesus, too!
HESSETH:But naturally, because he's the one who carried on the business after Joseph died.
REUBEN:And his helpers, too!
HESSETH:Mmmm..... I was caught there. I was thinking of dear old Joab who used to help in the carpenter's shop. I hadn't heard that Jesus had turned preacher and gathered a group of disciples around him.
REUBEN:A whole twelve of them! Twelve extras, and that's not all.....<
HESSETH:Look, Reuben, please keep your voice down or my daughter and the bridegroom will hear you. So I made a mistake and I'm sorry. Now, have you been able to do anything about it?
REUBEN:You know what the wine supplies in Cana are like, Hesseth. Never an oversupply, and we've cleaned them out! Not another litre left!
HESSETH:But have you thought of something?
REUBEN:I had a quiet word to Mary of Nazareth.
HESSETH:Don't embarrass me, Reuben! She's one of the guests! You shouldn't have asked her! What could she do, anyway?
REUBEN:Just a hunch. I mean - among that extra thirteen they might have come up with something.
HESSETH:And have they?
REUBEN:I have no idea. The servants seemed to be doing something in the back room. Wait. Here comes one of them now.
Reader:John 2.8b-11.

From Between the Lines. Dialogues for Worship by Peter J. Blackburn published by Testimonium Fellowship 1992, (c) Peter J. Blackburn.
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